The violinist Anna Barbara Kastelewicz is working as a soloist, chamber musician and concertmaster.
With performances and concert tours around Europe and Asia she is present nationally as much as internationally.
She is playing and recording for broadcast, TV and various media-recordings.

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz plays baroque violin and modern violin.
Her repertoire ranges from Renaissance to Contemporary and includes musicals and jazz.
In her projects she likes to combine the different arts and introduces the results in her concerts and programmes.

She is a lecturer at universities for music.
Intensively she is dedicated to the musicology with the edition and interpretation of contemporary composers.

The soloist

The violinist Anna Barbara Kastelewicz is performing as a soloist with orchestra as well as violin solo programmes.

The chamber musician

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz works in established chamber music ensembles as well as individual productions and new configurations.

The concertmaster

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz is concertmaster of independent orchestras and is booked by ensemble for projects and single productions.