Modern Violin

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Anna Barbara Kastelewicz designs Violin solo programmes on the modern
violin that include works of contemporary music from 20th and 21st
Century oeuvres and counteracts them with baroque compositions.

An engagement took her with a solo concert series to Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

In solo concerts with orchestras her focus is on the violin concertos and solo works of the classical, romantic and baroque eras.
Just recently she performed the Beethoven Violin Concerto D major op.61.


Anna Barbara Kastelewicz is concertmaster of the Camerata Instrumentale Berlin and plays concerts and opera productions in independent ensembles.

She founded the new concert orchestra berlin and directs it as the concertmaster.

Chamber Music

Anna Barbara Kastelewicz works in established ensembles, but also in spontaneous projects.

In her Duo Violin – Piano she devotes herself primarily to a classical and romantic repertoire, with preference to the French sonatas and pieces from around 1900.

With the Bode-Trio, a piano trio, she combines the contemporary with the romantic familiar.

The Kaiser-Quartet is dedicated to the lighter muse.

Entertaining Music

Her classical training is also basis for the salon and light music.

She plays the solo violin in musicals and in salon-ensembles with a programme of the Roaring Twenties.

With her Jazz-Salon-Duo she performs a repertoire of classical “coffee house music” as well as jazz and pop songs, so she did at the official final event of the German-Brazilian Year 2014 in Belo Horizonte / Brazil.

She performs soul music with the Baltic Soul Orchestra at the Baltic Soul Weekender. She also plays in a pop band at the Dresden Semper Opera Ball.


With actors and performers Anna Barbara Kastelewicz designs literary and musical salons on various topics.

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She plays a violin made by Martin Schleske, Munich (2003).